The patients of “Dentalen tsentar „MEDSTOM-M” SMLLC enjoy a new cabinet

“Dentalen tsentar „MEDSTOM-M” SMLLC is among the first dental centers in Bulgaria, founded in 2001. The main activity of “Dentalen tsentar „MEDSTOM-M” SMLLC is the carrying out of out-of-hospital, primary and specialized dental assistance – diagnostics and treatment, including also operational treatment under general anesthesia in outpatient conditions, rehabilitation and monitoring of patients, counseling, prevention.

The clinic employs specialists and dentists in the area of oral surgery and dental prosthesis implants with plastics, aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics.

The clinic has apparatuses and equipment that meet the highest standards of quality. The medical center is approved for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 I EN ISO 9001:20081 BDS EN I ISO 9001:2008 for overall dental service.

With the guarantee support of the Municipal Guarantee Fund for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises at Sofia Capital Municipality in cooperation with a bank partner, additional loan financing was secured for “Dentalen tsentar „MEDSTOM-M” SMLLC for the purchase of a medical and dental center at the heart of Sofia.